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Our offer presents unique products and services related to testing, maintenance of technical infrastructure and  preserving proper  level of fuel quality. The details can be found on the following webpages: www.loadbanks.pl and www.purefuel.pl. Our products and services are primarily aimed at clients who consider reliability and safe operation of the newly built infrastructure to be crucial for proper functioning of their company.

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Data center air cleaning

We are pleased to announce that we hev purchased equipment for cleaning the air of pollutants, odors, smoke, etc. Highly recommended for the data centers as well as other...

Liquid Leak Detection System

New in our offer! A linear detection and localization of leaks system PERMALERT which monitors continuously, even after the leak is detected. It works on the basis of sensor...

Data center accessories online shop has been opened

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the store with data center accessories and you can make purchases. We invite you to log on  www.DataCenterWorld.pl !

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