The constant development of the data centre market is  determined by the latest technology solutions, such as cloud computing, virtualisation and high density computing. Data centres are the engine rooms of the global business community and these days their influence on business operations can hardly be exaggerated.

Whether you are a user, a provider or an investor, data centre consulting services should be used in order to provide a total evaluation of your current data centre set-up, or if you are relocating or planning an entirely new data centre.


What Is Commissioning?

Commissioning is a quality-driven systematic process that will verify the systems and equipment being commissioned are installed and perform independently and interactively as per the construction documents in order to meet the owner's expectations and operational needs.

The ultimate goal of commissioning is to coordinate and implement multiple commissioning tasks primarily focusing on the installation and operation of equipment and systems to be commissioned. A commissioning firm  deals with these tasks through review of documents, site observations, and testing verification.

What are the benefits of a properly conducted commissioning?

  • Less unplanned downtime and fewer repairs.
  • Reduction of life cycle costs due to information and knowledge concerning current system performance.
  • Full documentation which enables introduction of improvements leading to the increasing effectiveness of the whole infrastructure.
  • Reduction of unwanted changes and delays on the facility - early detection of problems and their troubleshooting.
  • The entire system verification, including proper cooperation of all the elements.
  • Full documentation being a strong knowledge base for Investor's or operator's staff in terms of effective facility management.
  • Extensive documentation of system changes and trends in different configurations.
  • Increase of facility safety, reduction of Investor's responsibility through discovery of safety problems in terms of demands.
  • Improved return on investment through numerous benefits associated with the analysis of key problems detected and solved during testing as well as the return of  costs associated with the operation (costs / benefits).

It should be emphasised that commissioning is dedicated not only to newly built facilities. Every stage of realisation must be collected separately on its completion.

Our comprehensive  services cover all aspects of a data centre’s life cycle and range from  initial data centre consultations (what you need and when you need it), design evaluation of your  data centre,  design validation, surveys and assessments to an audit of your data centre or a data centre audit certification. All our services are based on the standards such as SS507, ANSI/TIA-942, as well as other relevant international data centre standards.

As a part of our Commissioning services we also offer tests under load. Those are one of the most important tests for the facilities where power is essential for proper operation. Companies which decide to undertake such tests are fully aware of the way proper power quality determines proper operation. The risk of production loss caused by the lack of proper power supply  can be easily calculated.
Our philosophy of tests and maintenance is based on the early detection and fixing of flaws before they turn into serious problems. Our company  perfectly understands the importance of these systems for effective and efficient performance.

The tests carried out with the help of loadbanks are considered to be the basis of good practices in terms of both: proper system commissioning and subsequent maintenance. The execution of  tests under  load allows to  verify the correctness of installation and ensures reliable operation in case of the failure of the main power source.

During tests the following things are verified:

  • the correctness of design and power infrastructure construction, in accordance with functional requirements
  • the correctness of implementation  and operation of particular system elements
  • selective exclusion of individual systems (switch settings)
  • the correctness of interoperability at full load and when the nominal power is exceeded

Additionally we offer the following tests:

  • Battery tests of UPS and telecommunications  equipment 
  • Tests of power generators under load
  • Tests of UPS back-up devices under load 
  • Tests of energy installations conducted with the use of infrared camera
  • Power quality tests including load switching in terms of  time 
  • Tests of the entire Data Center infrastructure under 100% load 

The next steps of the procedure allow to conduct tests, which enable checking of all the elements of the power system, so that tests are carried out on the highest level and the verification is accurate and correct. Any incidents and outages  will be  also investigated by our consultants  with the help of methodical analysis, ensuring your valuable data is supported and protected.

It is the responsibility of the design team to provide the level of redundancy and availability to the data center, and it is the responsibility of the commissioning team to verify the redundancy and availability are in place during the design phase drawing review process and to verify the redundancy and availability during the 1ST process of the acceptance phase are operational as per the construction documents.

Commissioning cannot guarantee any unplanned outages or major problems will ever happen because every possible conceived scenario cannot be acted out; but the commissioning effort will verify that the commissioned systems will perform as per the contract documents and will work as designed based on the most likely of scenarios.

One given is that if a data center is not or is poorly commissioned, there is a very high probability of an expense and disruptive downtime that could have been avoided if the data center was properly commissioned by a reputable commissioning firm.

The commissioning of data centers is an ABSOLUTE must due to zero tolerance to any downtime in modern data centers.

With the high quality commissioning services offered by our company the chances of any downtime and major issues with equipment and systems operation are drastically reduced.

If your data centre is already operational, our data centre consultants can improve its performance by optimising operations, energy resources and technology applications to save your money and increase security and efficiency.

The commissioning service offered by BCA Group Ltd will help you to  make sure that all the aspects of your facility meet your expectations.


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